Schlagwort: learning scenario

Analysing learning scenarios for STEM education in outdoor settings

Terje Väljataga, Kadri Mettis

The current education system is still very much laboratory-based and science teaching needs to be complemented by out-of-school science learning that makes use of authentic context and technological affordances. STEM learning is considered as difficult and boring because it is often perceived as pre-packaged knowledge transmission without time nor room for instance for in-quiry, exploration, reflection or expressing opinions. Research suggests that an interdisciplinary approach, where students can gather and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information they receive, can enhance students’ learning and better model STEM processes in the real world [1]. The general aim of the pa-per is to analyze the content of integrated learning scenarios for STEM educa-tion supported with technologies (mobile devices, online applications, sensors and educational robotics) in outdoor settings created by teachers from 6 K-12 schools to understand the type of knowledge these scenarios anticipate, the level of contextualization of the learning scenarios and incorporated mobile technologies. The content analysis of the integrated learning scenarios demon-strates the lack of creativity and knowledge of teachers to design meaningful and contextualized learning scenarios.