Design of Discipline Information System for ‘Foreign Language and Literature’

Jing He

‘Discipline construction’ is the most important and fundamental task of universities, which is based on discipline information management. Since there are no specialized information systems for the discipline of ‘For-eign Language and Literature’, and the existing systems cannot fully meet today’s needs, this paper designs a discipline information system for ‘Foreign Language and Literature’ on the basis of previous studies, which combines the operation process of the discipline (as an organization) and the features of the discipline (as a research field). The system functions include discipline display, discipline information management, discipline planning, interdisci-plinary management, and system management. According to these func-tions, the system is divided into 2 parts: a website and an information man-agement system, each part consists of 4 basic modules, teaching staff, talent training, scientific research and social services, in which internationalization and interdisciplinary characteristics run through.