Visualising and Re-using Innovative Pedagogical Scenarios

Marina Kurvits, Mart Laanpere, Terje Väljataga, Romil Rõbtšenkov

The paper takes a critical look on existing approaches and online tools that are supposed to enhance sharing and re-using of innovative pedagogical scenarios between teachers: IMS LD, LAMS, LessonPlanner etc.
In the light of the new national strategy for lifelong learning, we argue that there’s a need for a new type of lesson scenario sharing platform that would promote new learning theories, would be easy to use and scale up sharing and reusing of innovative pedagogical scenarios between teachers.
The paper introduces the framework and online tool called LePlanner that is designed as a result of this line of thinking. We summarise the results of the first evaluation study, which engaged 20 teachers in using the tool actively of the period of 4 months.