Towards the design and deployment of an Item Bank: An analysis of the requirements elicited

Claudia-Melania Chituc, Marisa Hermann, Daniel Schiffner, Marc Rittberger

Assessments represent an important phase in the learning process. Advancements in information and communication technologies determined the development of e-learning software tools which support e-learning activities, including e-assessment. The increasing usage of summative and formative e-assessments led to the increasing challenge of managing available items, such as test questions. The concept of an item bank is meant to support teachers and students alike, to provide an overview when taking assessments or creating exams. This article presents an on-going R&D project towards the design and deployment of an item bank, and discusses its role within a service-oriented system architecture which enables the execution of activities related to e-assessment, ranging from item design and test creation, to the analysis of event logs generated by test-takers. The research methodology followed for the requirements elicitation and main findings are presented, and directions for future work are discussed.