Timing the Adaptive Learning Process with Events Ontology

Martin Homola, Zuzana Kubincová, Ján Kluka, Patrícia Marmanová, Milan Cifra

A number of studies in personalized adaptive learning have focused on generating suitable learning paths based on user’s model, considering the current level of knowledge of the user, preferred learning styles and a model of the subject domain. These factors are sufficient in many e-learning applications, where users consume the learning content at their own pace. In other applications, such as within organized curricula there are other factors to be considered too. At the university we deliver courses featuring project work and examination which the students have to deliver based on a schedule of deadlines. This time axis therefore presents a significant factor in recommending the most suitable learning objects at the given time of the term. To tackle this issue we have designed a courseware platform where time is one of the key factors determining the learner’s context. In this paper we focus especially on modeling the time access using an ontology and we show some preliminary results that are implied by this approach.