Promoting Inclusion in Vocational Education and Training programs using Open Educational Resources

Silvia Margarita Baldiris Navarro, Laura Mancera, Levinton Licona, Jorge Bacca, Cecilia Avila, Yurgos Politis, Lizbeth Goodman, Jutta Treviranus

Open Educational Resources (OER) have been declared by UNESCO as a promising tool to address inclusion in educational settings. However, recent studies support the need to pay more attention to the accessibility and inclusion capacity of OER. In this context, the study presented in this paper provide evidence about the benefits of adopting Universal Design for Learning and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to support the OER creation considering the variability of students in Vocational Education and Training (VET) pro-grams. For doing so, it was created and validated some OER on VET setting in Colombia. Results evidence the OER support the achievement of high level of motivation and academic performance in the participants.