Expert-Oriented Digitalization of University Processes

Raine Kauppinen, Altti Lagstedt and Juha Lindstedt

Digitalization challenges the way business processes are seen. The potential for enhancement is recognized even in business areas that traditionally have little to do with IT. Even though universities have long traditions of how work is organized, they have not been eager to adopt digitalized processes. Because core processes of universities rely on highly skilled experts, digitalizing processes is not as straightforward as in more mechanical work. We developed an expert-oriented digitalization model (EXOD) for university processes’ digitalization and tested it using a case study. After digitalizing a core process, we interviewed the experts involved. The results show the usefulness and adaptability of the model. Based on the results, we recommend future studies be done to refine and test the model more comprehensively. Also, based on the adaptability of the model, we recommended it as a baseline for university process digitalization projects in general.