Education Needs in Context of Migration and Industry 4.0 in Selected EU Countries

Libuse Svobodova, Martina Hedvicakova, Alfiya Kuznetsova

Migration is a phenomenon of the 21st century. A lot of countries are looking for an effective solution to solve it. The use of information and communication technologies (ICT), which plays a key role during the fourth industrial revolution is one of the options. ICT have a crucial role in societal and technological progress. If domestic countries use ICT and modern technologies that are encouraged, their people will be able to use advanced technologies more than in countries where they are not used to such an extent. For this reason, the Digital Adoption Index (DAI) results for selected countries were evaluated in the article. The DAI is a worldwide index that measures countries’ digital adoption across three dimensions of the economy: people, government and business. The aim of the article is to compare all countries from Visegrad group and from Germany. Migrants in the Czech Republic and in Germany were connected with Digital Adoption Index and DAI People sub-index from countries of their origin were evaluated into deeper evaluation.