Dimensions of Learning Organization in Relation to Learning Time – Cross-sectional Study at Secondary Schools from the Czech Republic

Vaclav Zubr

The measurement of the learning organization with the Dimensions of Learning Organization Questionnaire (DLOQ) hasn’t been dealt with very much in the Czech Republic. This study’s aim was to conduct a questionnaire survey with DLOQ at secondary schools in the Czech Republic and to evaluate the time devoted to learning in these organizations. Respondents were approached via e-mail addresses obtained from the rehearsals of secondary schools in the Czech Republic. A total of 121 respondents the Czech Republic participated in the study. Most of them were employees aged 51-60 (47.11%), university graduates (95.04%) and managers (71.90%). When comparing the learning time, more than 40% of respondents spend 11-20 hours per month with learning. Using t-test among the respondents with different learning time, a statistically significant difference (1-10 hours per month versus 36 and more hours per month: p = 0.049, 21-35 hours per month vs. more than 36 hours per month: p = 0.012) was found.