Designing a Mobile-Assisted English Reading Class for College Students

Nana Jin, Zili Chen, Jin Wang

Traditional classroom teaching is changing with modern technologies. A mobile-assisted classroom teaching is designed in the study and is proved an efficient teaching mode. The most popular mobile App WeChat in China is used as a course platform which could be easily tailored for any course exclusively. At the same time, language learning mobile Apps are introduced to assist the college English Reading class, for example Xiao Huasheng App, Liuli Reading App, Ximalaya App. In the WeChat course platform, we integrate these mobile Apps at right time in a classroom teaching and activate students to participate into the course learning in class and after class. Mobile technologies plus linguistic knowledge and a well-organized teaching design are three key factors for a successful course teaching. And this WeChat course platform is easy to build and makes a mobile-assisted language teaching possible to every language teacher with a limited knowledge about technology.