Design considerations for a mobile sensor-based learning companion

Haeseon Yun, Albrecht Fortenbacher, René Helbig, Niels Pinkwart

This paper presents the concept of a mobile learning companion which uses sensor data to support self-regulated learning. Based on design considerations derived from previous work, a prototype of a mobile companion (Charlie) was developed as a students’ project at <University>. A first qualitative study with 4 students aimed at validating Charlie’s character as a friendly learning companion and its benefit for SRL. The students were observed when learning with Charlie and later interviewed for their learning experience. Their comments were useful to learn about limitations of Charlie and to revise design considerations for a mobile sensor-based learning companion. Future work, including a field test with an improved version of the prototype, will focus on a model of positive learning support using sensor data and on generalizable design guidelines for mobile learning companions.