Curating educational resources for homework management: a support prototype

Andreea Isabela Bala, Stefania Carmen Dobre and Elvira Popescu

Learning content curation plays an important role given the increasing amount of educational resources available on the Web. The process implies searching, collecting, annotating, filtering, organizing and sharing relevant resources for a specific learning context. Our aim is to provide a support platform which allows both teachers and students to become content curators, leveraging various levels of expertise. More specifically, we propose a system dedicated to homework management, called EdReHo, which allows the collection and sharing of educational resources needed to understand and solve assignments. When teachers create an assignment in EdReHo, they can recommend also a set of resources relevant for that topic, which are aimed to supplement the mandatory course material. The students can also add useful resources and share them with peers, becoming more actively involved in the process and benefitting from the „learning by searching“ approach. The paper describes the EdReHo system prototype in terms of concept, features and implementation and illustrates its main functionalities.