An Overview of Learning Design and Analytics in Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning

Gerti Pishtari, María Jesús Rodríguez-Triana, Edna Milena Sarmiento-Márquez, Jaanus Terasmaa, Külli Kori, Mihkel Kangur, Oleksandr Cherednychenko, Terje Väljataga, Liisa Puusepp

Mobile and ubiquitous learning models have been widely adopted in technology-enhanced learning (TEL) practices. Apart from potential benefits, these models introduce additional complexity in designing, monitoring and evaluating learning activities, as learning happens across different spaces. In recent years, literature on learning design (LD) and learning analytics (LA) has started to address these issues. This paper presents a systematic review on how LD and LA communities understand mobile and ubiquitous learning, as well as their respective contributions in these fields. The search included seven main academic databases in TEL, resulting in 1722 papers, from which 54 papers were included in the final analysis. Results point out the lack of common definitions for mobile and ubiquitous learning, raises research trends and (unexploited) synergies between between LD and LA communities, and identifies areas that require further attention from these communities.